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James R Zanewicz, JD, LLM, RTTP Chief Business Officer – Tulane School of Medicine

James R Zanewicz, JD, LLM, RTTP Chief Business Officer – Tulane School of Medicine

I strongly encourage those in our profession to apply for RTTP Registration. Our industry has been internationally recognized as a key player in driving the innovation economy and benefiting society. Consequently, the skills required to achieve success effectively have expanded. When I see someone has earned (or is a candidate pursuing) RTTP status, I am confident in their abilities and commitment to the profession, as I trust the quality and stringency of the education and review process.

RTTP is the international professional standard for knowledge transfer and commercialization practitioners working in universities, industry and government labs. The RTTP framework recognizes demonstrated competence and experience across the breadth of technology transfer, from IP commercialization through to university business collaboration and start-up company creation.

RTTP signals personal and professional credibility, and tells employers, colleagues and business partners worldwide that:

– You are an experienced, skilled professional with a proven record of achievement
– You work effectively and creatively to add significant value and deliver outcomes
– You have demonstrated competence, integrity, vision, versatility and perseverance
– You have undertaken relevant training courses and/or gained qualifications that enable you to perform well and that have helped you to build a rich network

For those who are new to the profession, ‘Candidate RTTP’ is a new designation that allows entrants to the profession to signal that they are committed to a pathway of training and development and are working towards earning RTTP. It indicates to employers that they are serious about their career and aspire to meet the highest standards.

RTTP invites career advancement and mobility, international recognition – and great job satisfaction in a rewarding role that can literally change the world! There are over 400 professionals worldwide who have all been awarded this credential. Why not join them?


Access to World-Class Training Events

While on the pathway to earning RTTP, you will be afforded the chance to attend practitioner led, training events offered by Alliance partner Associations and other approved providers. ATTP applies a stringent review process of all training programs which carry CE points towards RTTP.  Alliance Associations offer high quality, relevant and diverse knowledge and technology transfer training which offer those new to the profession a great start to their careers.

See the list of Upcoming Training Events

Kevin Cullen: Former Chairman of the Global Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals (ATTP)

If you want to be recognized by your peers as a technology transfer professional — someone who makes technology transfer happen and delivers benefits from research into the economy … then you should apply for RTTP.