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Allison Campbell King's College London Business

Alison Campbell, OBE, PhD, RTTP Director – Knowledge Transfer Ireland

“So why did I choose to apply to become RTTP? I believe in our profession and as a leader in the area I think it is as important to me, as to my team, to have a professional qualification. When I see someone who is RTTP, I am confident in the value of their award as I trust the quality and stringency of the review process – and the reviewers.”

The RTTP designation tells employers, colleagues and others in our industry that you have demonstrated core competencies and are responsible for significant achievements and contributions in the field of technology transfer.

Please see the Minimum Requirements for RTTP Registration.

RTTP status says you have acquired, through training and practical experience, highly valuable technology transfer skills and knowledge. RTTP affirms that you’re a mentor and deal maker with a rich network of well-placed colleagues across multiple disciplines. RTTP means demonstrated competence, integrity, vision, versatility, and negotiation skills. An RTTP certification invites career advancement, a higher income, and coveted roles in shepherding key university-bred technologies into the marketplace, to the benefit of society and all parties involved in the process.

Access to World-Class Training Events

Another strong reason the RTTP designation is so valuable is the quality, diversity, consistency and relevance of the technology transfer training events offered by Alliance partner associations. ATTP thoroughly reviews all training events before they are awarded Continuing Education points. The process entails a site visit for all new service providers, including member associations, as well as reviewing the training event program, presenters and material against a range of criteria.

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Kevin Cullen: Former Chairman of the Global Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals (ATTP)

“If you want to be recognized by your peers as a technology transfer professional — someone who makes technology transfer happen and delivers benefits from research into the economy … then you should apply for RTTP.”