Technology Transfer Achievement Overview


As a Route I or Route II applicant, you must submit a brief (approximately 1,000 words) English language overview of a significant technology or knowledge transfer achievement in which you played a key role and which your direct supervisor has attested to with his or her signature.


ATTP Panelists will be bound; however, we generally do not need to know the confidential elements of a deal. Should the ATTP panel desire to publish information about your case, we will seek permission formally before doing so.

Example achievements include but are not limited to:

  • A significant licensing deal on which you were the lead negotiator. The creation of a spin-out company that raised substantial funding – which you shepherded through its formative phase
  • A significant research collaboration that you helped to put together and negotiate, one that had substantial impact on your institution
  • Development and or delivery of training programs [1], marketing or other initiatives for the technology transfer profession, and/or published multiple, peer reviewed papers relevant to the technology transfer profession.

Items to Include:

The Achievement Overview should include the background on the project and the ‘impact’ you had on the outcome. As part of the submission we also require supporting information from your direct supervisor to confirm what you describe.

The overview should be in sufficient detail for the Panel to accurately assess the complexity of your achievement and your role in managing the project. For example, a good technology transfer project overview would describe those parts of the project lifecycle in which you took the lead, such as:

a. How you sourced the technology.

b. What you did to package and protect the technology.

c. Your role in defining the commercialization strategy with the inventors.

d. How partners, investors and collaborators were found, informed of the technology and persuaded to license the technology.

e. The negotiation – your role in leading, structuring and dealing with complex issues.

f.  The outcome – the fruits of your efforts in terms of great new products, investment, income to university.

Alternatively, you might describe your role in an initiative that had a significant impact on facilitating greater commercialization. In this case you would describe the specific elements of the initiative that you led, such as:

a. You role in conceiving and shaping the design of the initiative.
b.  Responsibility for writing the proposal and securing the funding.
c.  Setting up the initiative – including any institutional issues that had to be overcome.
d. Project managing and responsibility for delivery and reporting of the initiative.
e. Ensuring impact – by follow up and reporting on outcomes, successes.

Common reasons resubmission of an Achievement Overview is requested:

  • The applicant’s role in the case was unclear – we couldn’t tell what they were specifically responsible for and which parts of the ‘Technology Transfer’ they had led
  • The account does not reflect the complexity of the case – it is listed as a series of events that follow each other almost mechanistically with no sense of the role that the applicant played in resolving complex issues that arose along the way
  • The applicant chose to describe a number of cases – giving very little detail of each
  •  The case described lacked sufficient complexity or impact
  • The overview is not written in English.

The Review Panel comprises highly experienced Technology Transfer professionals with first-hand experience in a wide diversity of cases and experience managing a variety of Technology Transfer functions. They are seeking evidence that the applicant has been able to apply what they have learned to a sufficiently challenging case of significance.

[1] This can include leading sessions but not participation in panel discussions.