RTTP survey results

ATTP recently conducted a worldwide online survey, seeking insights from Registered Technology Transfer Professionals (RTTPs). The main goal of the survey was to find out how the RTTP process could be optimized and RTTP status and benefits better marketed. The feedback rate was quite impressive as 44 % of the RTTP community (118 persons) participated. This article presents the key outcomes.

The Highlight: More than 92% of the RTTP respondents would recommend becoming RTTP to others! And more than 81% are prepared to share their experience for marketing purposes.

To the question “Which obstacles did you encounter when applying for RTTP?” 51% of respondents stated that lack of time was the main obstacle. As a second principle obstacle, 35% respondents answered that application requirements were unclear. Supported by the new ATTP Website launched this summer, ATTP is currently making the application requirements been more understandable.

Figures 1 and 2 show that the main benefits expected by by RTTP applicants (1. professional validation, 2. recognition by peers and 3. credibility increase) were generally consistent with benefits actually experienced after RTTP recognition.

The survey results show additionally that RTTP recognition is beneficial mostly in respect of peers. The RTTP status is less effective current lyin offering positive exposure in the eyes of other stakeholders, such as own management, researchers or academics, industry and government, , probably because it is still not known enough.

It is hoped that this situation will change over time as the survey indicates that RTTP’s are actively communicating to others their RTTP status: 87% of the respondents include this on their CV or resume and almost 65% mention it on their social media profiles.

Fazit: One of ATTP main current challenges is to make the RTTP label even more visible and recognized. ATTP can definitively count on its committed and motivated RTTP community to achieve it. As quoted several times in the comments area: “It feels great to be part of an international family of Technology Transfer Professionals”.