Recent Updates to RTTP

Having the RTTP designation helps build trust and confidence amongst stakeholders and customers who will know that you are an experienced professional with a proven track-record.

To enable knowledge and technology transfer professionals of all levels of experience to work towards RTTP, the routes to apply for RTTP have been streamlined. Please see here for details regarding the new RTTP application criteria.

In addition to this, ATTP has launched a new designation – Candidate RTTP. Candidate RTTP enables entrants to the profession to signal that they are committed to a pathway of training and development and are working towards earning RTTP. It indicates to employers that they are serious about their career, and aspire to meet the highest standards. They may use the designation ‘Candidate RTTP’ after their name. One of the key benefits of the Candidate RTTP pathway is that applicants are required to develop a career aspiration plan and identify relevant training and/or mentoring that they require to achieve this. This plan will provide a ‘jump-start’ when it’s time to apply for RTTP. KE/KT/TT professionals who have already attended an ATTP recognized course provided by their Association will be invited to enrol. Please see here for Candidate RTTP application criteria.

To help you select the most appropriate RTTP registration or pathway to RTTP (RTTP or Candidate RTTP), please click the appropriate link below. These links will provide you with a summary as well as detailed instructions and tips for successful applications for each one. We hope you will consider taking advantage of the new approach.

RTTP STATUS (in a relevant role for at least three years)

CANDIDATE RTTP PATHWAY (in a relevant role for six months) 

See our FAQs for additional details.