FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

questions answers“One of the best outcomes of being an RTTP is that it has provided me opportunities to form relationships on a global scale throughout our industry that I wouldn’t have had without it.” –

Athena Prib, RTTP, Commercial Director, Gemaker

Q: Is RTTP certification right for me?

A: The RTTP certification is for you if you desire new opportunities, plus professional recognition of your technology transfer career credentials, knowledge, skills, roles and accomplishments. [back to FAQs]


Q: What are the minimum requirements to apply for RTTP status?

A: Minimum requirements are:

  • Employed at least two years in a professional technology transfer role
  • You are a current member (individual or institutional) of one of the ATTP partner associations. If you are NOT currently a member, or work in a country without a partner association presence, please see Join an ATTP Association
  • Your current position is within the ‘technology transfer’ or other business development unit of your organization, where you foster technology transfer and knowledge exchange between businesses and research institutions or universities.
  • If employed by a university or other research center, you act in a ‘boundary spanning’ role, adding value to the research outputs of your organization by engaging external partners in ways that result in negotiated agreements
  • Note: The RTTP designation is not intended for roles that (while essential) are of a reactive or administrative nature

If this sounds like you, please Apply Now for RTTP status
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Q: What are the benefits of RTTP status?

Q. The RTTP designation tells employers, colleagues and others in our industry that you have demonstrated core competencies and are responsible for significant achievements and contributions in the field of technology transfer. See  RTTP Benefits  to learn more.
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Q: Will I be able to put the letters “RTTP” after my name?

A: Yes. Upon certification, you will have the official title, Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP). You will immediately receive an RTTP e-certificate and subsequently, a hard-copy RTTP certificate.
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Q. What is the cost to apply for RTTP?

A. The RTTP registration fee is US $250, which covers an initial application and one amended application (if required by the review panel). See the FAQ, What if my initial application is declined?
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Q. What are the submission deadlines for RTTP applicants?

A. For 2017, the next RTTP submission deadline is Jul 20, 2017.
Subsequent 2017 submission deadline is Oct 19, 2017.
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Q: How do I begin the RTTP application process?

A. Here is a summary of the steps:

  1. Click the Apply Now link.
  2. Create an ATTP account (email address and password)
  3. Review the pages of the RTTP Application Form, and gather the requested information.
  4. Explore your Route choices to find the one best suited for your career to date. Prepare documents for
    your chosen application route.
  5.  Log in to your ATTP account (Login link is at top of all pages). It will launch the RTTP Application Form.
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Q. How do I navigate the RTTP application form?

A. Use the “Save & Continue” button to progress through the form. Once the form has been saved, you may use the number navigation links to jump to the desired page.
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Q. Do I have to complete the RTTP application form in one session?

A. No, you can fill out parts of the form, save your work with the Save / Update buttons, and return to complete the form and/or upload documents later (When returning to the ATTP website, use the Login link. After you supply your username (email address) and password, you’ll be taken straight to the uncompleted RTTP Application. While you are logged in, if you navigate away from the application, you can return to it by using the Become RTTP link and selecting My RTTP Application.
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Q. How do I change information I provided on the RTTP application form?

A. You can change your application route, evidence documents, and other saved information at any time — before you submit your application. If you change your Route, the Evidence Documents page will display requirements for the new Route. You can keep (or delete) evidence documents you uploaded previously, and upload new documents (Please delete any documents that are no longer needed).
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Q. How do I choose an RTTP Application Route?

A. Please see the chart RTTP Requirements by Route for an overview of the requirements for each route. To review route choices in detail and learn what makes for a successful RTTP application, please read Three Routes to Registration.
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Q: Who will judge my RTTP application?

A: Your application will be judged by your peers — a panel of 3 to 6 senior technology transfer professionals drawn from the founding associations. The diverse makeup of the panel provides expertise and consistency in assessing applications from around the world.
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Q: How does the review panel process work?

A. The review panel members verify information provided by the applicant and independently judge applications using a manual bidding system. After you submit your application, you will receive an email with a link to a page where you can check the status of your application. Successful candidates are notified roughly two weeks after the next submission deadline. The relevant national association subsequently issues a welcome letter and a hard-copy RTTP certificate.
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Q. What evidence is required for my employment in the technology transfer field?

A. Employment evidence is generally a letter from your employer, copy of pay slip (salary crossed out), copy of signed part of a contract of employment, or anything that confirms your employment status. The most common is a simple signed letter from your supervisor or line manager.
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Q. What evidence is required for Continuing Education (CE) credits?

A. You may qualify to use Route I for your RTTP registration if you have completed 60 CE credits. Please see Three Routes to Registration – Route 1, for details about accepted credits and evidence.
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Q: What if my initial application is declined?

A: If your initial application is not approved, you will receive written feedback from the chair of the review panel. If the issue(s) can be resolved with additional documentation, and/or by choosing an alternate registration route, you can amend and resubmit your original application. There is no cost  for submitting a second, revised application.
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Q. How do you protect my privacy, and how will the information in my application be used?

A. Your contact, education and employment information is confidential. Judges are bound and will only use details you provide to process your application. Under most circumstances, you do not need to provide confidential details of deals you arranged. If the ATTP office desires to publish a case study you provided for your application — for instructional purposes or to promote RTTP registration — you will be contacted to seek your permission. if you grant approval, this will be confirmed by electronic signature prior to publication. Once your RTTP registration is confirmed, ATTP will publish (also with your prior approval) your name, current job title, employer and country on the list of  Current RTTPs. For more information, see our Privacy Policy
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Q: I am a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP). Does that make me automatically eligible for RTTP status?

A: No, not automatically. CLP examines a quite narrow range of technical and mechanistic skills. However, CLP qualification would be taken into account and would significantly strengthen your application as it provides evidence of progression through a particular area of Technology Transfer with a recognized and respected partner organization.
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Q: What if I have a huge track record but have never taken a tech transfer course?

A: You will need to show evidence of your experience. Please read  Three Routes to Registration for further details.
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Q: I am based in a country where the founding associations have no presence—how do I apply?

A: The easiest way is to become a member of one of the ATTP partner associations. Then you can choose which of the three registration routes is most appropriate for you.
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Q. How do I become a member of one of the ATTP partner associations?

A. Please read Join an ATTP Association.
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Q: I don’t work in the technology transfer team but I am involved in business development to commercialize research—can I become an RTTP?

A: The intention is to include all professionals who are involved in transactions relating to the commercialization of academic research.
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Q: Does my registration expire?

A: No, but you will be asked every three years to update your application to ensure that the Alliance’s list of Registered Technology Transfer Professionals is up to date.
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Q: Will there be different levels of accreditation?

A: At the present time, no. However, we recognize that different levels of contribution to the profession need to be recognized and these will be developed.
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Q: What happens if I leave my job?

A: You retain your RTTP registration. Registration provides evidence of competence and commitment to the profession, thereby enhancing your resume, opening opportunities for career advancement and increasing job mobility.
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