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RTTP Status


RTTP is the International Standard for the Professional Competence & Experience of Knowledge Exchange/Knowledge Transfer/Technology Transfer (KE/KT/TT) practitioners working in universities, industry and government labs based on a track record of real world-achievement. There are over 400 members worldwide who have all been recognised by their peers.

To earn RTTP status you must demonstrate that you possess the core competencies needed to work effectively in the profession and that you have an established track record.

All successful RTTP candidates must be able to describe their skills and achievements relevant to each of these five competencies. These core competencies have been developed in collaboration with existing national frameworks in several key countries. The core competencies assessed by RTTP are:

  • Strategy & Business Insight – strategic thinking; market-led, entrepreneurial approach; business and commercial skills.
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership – securing funding; leading negotiations; developing new ventures.
  • Effective Engagement – Communication, collaboration and influencing
  • Legal and Technical Knowhow – having the key legal, technical and domain related knowledge required to effectively transfer knowledge
  • Governance and Project Management – developing major initiatives to support KE//KT/TT; managing knowledge and information flow; and developing and managing systems and processes for knowledge exchange

Detailed Description Of Core RTTP Competencies, Skills, and Experiences